Photo credit: Etsy

To all the mothers all over the world, I want to wish you a very happy mother’s day! We wouldn’t be here without you!
And a very special mention to my mum… she’s really very super and has instilled in me the love of all things creative and delicious in this world! 

For many mums, hot coffee is distant memory. The moment a cup is poured, some distraction or other comes along. Mother’s day, for many, is the one day of the year they can enjoy a nice HOT cup of coffee. 

But, have you heard of some pretty snazzy little cup covers that keep coffee hot for up to 60% longer? The really cute ones in great fabrics that can fit on mugs or takeaway cups? 

The ones that have the loyalty card pocket that fits a coffee shop 
gift card perfectly (*hint hint!!)? 

That’s right! The Couva Cup Covers make THE perfect gift for mums all over the world… 

  1. They keep hot drinks hotter for up to 60% longer – seriously. 
  2. The loyalty card pocket is a perfect place for a gift card to mum’s favourite cafe! 
  3. They protect fingers from hot drinks. Forget those horrible cardboard sleeves! 
  4. They are better for the environment.
  5. They look great!

Want to buy one? 
Our webshop is coming any day now! I’ll keep you posted. 

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