Top 10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers


If you’re like me, there will be at least one coffee lover on your Christmas list. (In my case, it’s me!)

While there are undoubtedly some amazing mugs available, anyone can give a mug. Why not come up with a little something different? I think the holiday season is wonderful time of year to show friends and family that you really have put some thought into their gift, to show how much they mean to you.

To help you get those gift giving juice flowing, here are some of my top gift ideas for coffee lovers!


1. Couva Cup Cover by Couva Coffee Couture

Keep your coffee hotter for up to 60% longer with our wonderful cup covers! Thanks to the elastic closure, you can us them on mugs or takeaway cups. They are a great, environmentally friendly alternative to the cardboard sleeves you get in coffee shops, and they feature a pocket for your loyalty card!

Red Stripe Couva Coffee Couture  Dec 2016 521 (515x800)

Make your gift extra special by including a gift voucher from their favourite cafe! These make great gifts for someone’s stocking or for a Secret Santa gift.

The covers are completely machine washable, and are made here in the UK.

2. Couva Cafetiere Cover by Couva Coffee Couture

Dec 2016 561 (540x800)

Our wonderful cafetiere covers come in a range of beautiful fabrics to suit any decor. The wrap-around design features a magnetic elastic closure which helps it to fit a variety of different sized cafetieres, and keeps your coffee hot for up to 60% longer! No more cold coffee!

Dec 2016 583 (800x777)

The covers are completely machine washable, and are made here in the UK.


3. Whisky Cask Coffee Beans from Round Square Roastery

whiskey coffee

These beans really are something special. They are roasted using oak chippings soaked in Arran Single Malt giving this coffee an truly unique flavour – smokey aroma, with clean and crisp top notes, yet a silky smooth undertone of Arran’s world-renowned Single Malt. These guys also do an amazing House Blend too!

4. French Press Print from the Department of Brewology


Who wouldn’t love this hanging in their kitchen or office? I know I would!


5. Grow your own coffee plant kit from Plants from Seed

coffee plant

This fun little kit includes everything you need to grow your very own coffee plant!


6. Coffee molecule pendant from Poppy Kitten Designs

coffee molecule

What a beautiful way to show your love of the bean! It looks great, and will be a great conversation starter when people find out what it means!


7. Personalised Coffee Spoon from Vintage Candy 2U

coffee spoon

These beautiful spoons can be personalised to include a special message. Your loved one can think of you every time they use it!


8. Espresso perfume by The Library of Fragrance

coffee perfume

This Espresso fragrance captures the rich depth and attitude of a freshly ground cup. Perfect when you need a decaffeinated pick-me-up!


9. Coffee Scoop and Clip by The Living Lounge

coffee scoop

This handy little multi-purpose tool means that you’ve always got your measuring spoon right where you need it when you need it!


10. Personalised Coffee Stencil by Sophia Victoria Joy

coffee stencil

Personalise your very own stencil to add that special little touch when making coffee at home


For even more great gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life, we’ve got lots more ideas over on our Pinterest page

Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and 2017!


3 quick tips to make great coffee

3 quick tips to make great coffee


When you love coffee, a bad cup of coffee is really bad. Don’t get me wrong, bad coffee is better than no coffee at all, but when you’re in the mood for a cup of something really strong, hot, and delicious that is going to replenish your soul, anything less than the best coffee just isn’t going to do. (I know, 1st world problems!!).

But making great coffee is easier than you think. Here are a 3 quick and easy tips to make your coffee great.

  1. Use cold water.Â
    It’s important to use fresh, cold water when you’re boiling the kettle to make your coffee. I know it might be tempting to use the hot tap to speed things up, but trust me, fresh cold water is THE way to go. If you want to get super fancy, you can use filtered water, but it’s not necessary.
    Basically, if your water is sitting around in a hot water tank for age, waiting to be used, it’s lost a lot of it’s oxygen and has become stagnant. It’s the oxygen that helps it boil, and brings out the flavours of the coffee beans.
    Once your water has come to the boil, let the water settle for a few minutes (90 seconds to 2 minutes) to let the temperature drop ever-so-slightly. If it’s just boiled, you risk scalding the coffee and it’s essential oils, which can have a bit impact on the flavour.
  2. Use freshly ground beans.
    It’s really important to grind your coffee beans right before you use them. As I just mentioned above, the oils from the beans add to the depth of flavour. When you grind the beans in advance (or buy them ready-ground) the essential oils change in response to the air (or “oxidise”) and can evaporate, resulting in a flatter, less flavourful coffee experience. You also want to use more coffee than you think you’ll need. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to brew strength, but generally, slightly more ground coffee in the pot is better than not enough.
  3. Keep it hot.
    Personally, there is nothing worse than a cup of lukewarm coffee. Once it loses it’s heat, I always feel rushed to get through it while there is still a little warmth in it.
    “What are the best ways to keep it warm?”, you ask? You can use hot milk for starters. If you heat up the milk before adding it to your coffee, it won’t cool your brew down. It also lends a lovely flavour to the milk which adds to the richness of your coffee. Try it, you’ll like it!
    And most importantly, keep your coffee hot while you’re making it. Use one of our beautiful Cafetiere Covers.
    Colourful Poppies Cafetiere Cover by Couva Coffee Couture
    They are guaranteed to keep your coffee warm for up to 60% longer. You can also use one of our gorgeous cup covers on your mug (or if you’re out and about!). The heat reflective lining keeps your coffee at the perfect drinking temperature so that you can enjoy your coffee, just how you like it, for longer.English_Rose_Cup2
    Try these 3 easy steps, and I promise you, you’ll be amazed at what a difference 3 little steps can make.

You’re welcome!





Moments that matter with Mum

This coming Sunday, it is Mother’s day here in the UK.


While the media would like you to believe that flowers, chocolates, and sparkly jewellery are on the top of mum’s wish list, the reality is a bit different.

Parenting Magazine asked some of their readers what they REALLY wanted for mother’s day, and you may be surprised to see the responses. Top of the list were things like:

  • Sleep
  • A clean house
  • A day free from “Mum Routine”
  • Dinner made for them
  • Handmade cards, handprints, or other wonderful kiddie creations

Do you notice a pattern here?? These things can’t be bought in a shop, they aren’t expensive, and they show mum that she’s cared for.

Being a mother to two wonderful “little beans” myself, I can definitely agree with every item on that list! For me, mother’s day is a great opportunity to slow down, take a step back from the busy pace of everyday life, and just really revel in everything that I love about being a mother… cuddles with my boys, happy moments, and time together to enjoy one another’s company and savour the moments that matter.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to show your mum that you really care, why not think about providing her with a moment that would make a difference to her…. whether that is a moment to herself to sleep, a moment to savour the beauty of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or a moment to enjoy a meal prepared for her (you get the idea!).


If my mum lived nearer, I would make her a lovely cup of tea in bed, followed by a leisurely brunch of croissant with homemade jam, fruit salad, freshly squeezed orange juice, and some freshly brewed coffee. Naturally, the cafetiere would be wearing a Couva so that we could linger over brunch for as long as we wanted, knowing the coffee would stay just as hot for the second cup.

And if you’re still thinking of gifting your mum a little something, and she’s a coffee lover, how about a wonderful Couva cover for her cafetiere or her cup, so that she feels the warmth of those Mother’s day moments for longer? We’ve got lots of beautiful fabrics to choose from in our Shop!

And if all else fails, just make sure you call her!


Taste of London 2015… A Review

Taste of London 2015… A Review

It feels like Christmas 2015 has got off to an amazing start with The Taste of London this past weekend at the incredible Tobacco Dock.Â

Photo copyright: Couva Ltd.
The event took place from Thursday through Sunday, and was literally the epitome of Foodie Heaven. Everywhere you looked in each of the rooms, there were incredibly delicious things to tempt your taste buds… Delicious main dishes, gorgeous deserts and chocolates, and an over-abundance of alcoholic tipples to keep everyone happy!Â

Photo copyright: Couva Ltd.
It was our first time at Taste, and it was a new type of show for us to exhibit at. We were positioned in the Small Producers Area that welcomed, as the name suggests (!), independent producers of a range of quality items. We were fortunate to have some lovely neighbours.

Photo copyright: Couva Ltd.
 To one side, we had Sip and Learn, the wine subscription service that provides you with educational tasting notes about the wines they send so that, over time, you are developing your wine knowledge. On the other side, we had ChicP Hummus, who produce the most delicious sweet and savoury chickpea dips made from fruit and veg that are surplus, or normally get thrown away by markets and supermarkets. The Carrot, Ginger, & Cumin was my favourite!Â

Photo copyright: Couva Ltd.
Other friendly exhibitors included Yorkshire Drizzle oils and vinegars, Mallow and Marsh marshmallows, Smith & Sinclair alcoholic sweets to name but a few…Â

For the first time, we decided to sell some products that compliment our range of Couva Coffee Covers. We were offering a range of lovely things from the Brew Tea Co – loose leaf English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea, a yummy scrummy Christmas blend, as well as their gorgeous little glass teapot that fits our small Couva Cover perfectly!Â

Photo copyright: Couva Ltd.

We also featured the amazing beans from RoundSquare Roastery. The real hit of the weekend was their Whiskey Cask Coffee… If you haven’t tried it yet, you MUST.Â
It’s just the most delicious thing to come to your cup. Imagine the most delicious, complex, rich roast of coffee with hints of whiskey cask wood smoke and earthiness on the finish. Just divine… and THE perfect thing for a coffee connoisseur’s Christmas stocking!!Â

Photo copyright: Couva Ltd.

We will have all these lovely things up on the website very soon.

One thing I will say is that Taste of London seemed to be lacking “REAL” food… I found that a lot of the food on offer at the show was very overdone. Don’t get me wrong, it all sounded delicious, but not to everyone’s taste. There is so much wonderful local produce around at the moment, that it seemed a shame that there weren’t more dishes that highlighted the goodness of the ingredients rather than trying to be fancier and schmancier than the competition.Â

I also found it incredible how few places there were for a good cup of coffee! I looked high and low for someone who could make me a gorgeous cup of something delicious… and nothing. There wasn’t even anywhere to get a really great hot chocolate. Towards the end of the day, all I really fancied was a nice warming cup of something delicious with maybe some whipped cream and maybe a marshmallow. But nothing… Maybe next year?!Â

Photo copyright: Couva Ltd.

We had a great time this weekend… Thanks Taste of London, and HUGE thanks to all of our new customers! We hope to see you again really soon :)Â