Steps to great hot coffee


Unique features

Couva Coffee Couture offers a range of fashionable and functional wrap-around covers for cafetieres and cups to keep coffee hotter for longer.

Key Product Features:

  • heat reflecting inner-layer
    heat-reflecting layer
  • keeps coffee at the optimal temperature for up to 60% longer
  • elastic closures to fit different brands of cafetieres and cups


All products are proudly designed and made in Britain!

The Story of Couva Coffee Couture


It all started with a tea towel and a rubber band…

Every weekend growing up, my family would enjoy a leisurely brunch that included delicious coffee made in our  cafétière.

We would all enjoy the first cup, piping hot. But by the time we went back for a second cup, the coffee would be cold.

One day we started to wrap our cafétière with a tea  towel and a rubber band to help keep some of the heat in. It didn’t really work, it looked terribly…but it was better than nothing!


I knew there had to be a better way…

One day, I was walking along in the sunshine with my dog Billy, trying to come up with a birthday gift idea for my dad… and the Couva Cafétière Cover was born!

Over the years, the Couva Coffee Cover has evolved… different fabrics, different closures, and the introduction of a special heat reflective lining to keep coffee hotter for longer.

Recently, we introduced the Couva Cup Cover, that was “born” after my eldest son arrived, and I was tired of drinking cold cups of coffee after they’d been poured!

Couva Coffee Couture Ethos

We pride ourselves on bringing you great products that will help make life a little bit better.

The ethos behind Couva Coffee Couture remains the same as it did when I made the first cover:

Keeping coffee hotter for longer

so that you can linger over life’s little pleasures,

and enjoy the moments that matter with your loved ones.

We love our Couvas and hope you will too!